North Beach Citizens

North Beach Citizens is a non-profit organization that utilizes the talents of the North Beach community to innovatively address the needs of its homeless and low-income citizens in an atmosphere of trust, integrity, and respect.

How it works:

North Beach Citizens registers homeless and low-income citizens from the North Beach community who, during a trial period, demonstrate an interest in reclaiming their lives. Once the trial period is finished, North Beach Citizens accepts as clients those homeless citizens from North Beach who have shown the capacity to reclaim their lives and contribute to the North Beach Citizens community.  North Beach Citizens does not in-take everyone who walks through its doors, but we work hard to provide useful resources to all individuals in need.

Once a homeless or low-income citizen is accepted as a client by North Beach Citizens, he or she is provided with a mailing address, a voice mailbox, two daily meals, clothing, a library, resource books, advocacy, and a supportive community of his or her peers.  Read about the process in more detail: SEEDS program.

Why it works:

North Beach Citizens works because our clients create an action plan with the assistance of North Beach Citizens’ staff based on their individual needs. By catering to our client’s needs, North Beach Citizens is able to provide and connect our clients with the appropriate resources and better advocate for them.

Additionally, North Beach Citizens relies heavily on existing resources provided by the local and federal governments, other non-profit organizations, and the business community, which reduces our program costs.

Measurable impact:

In the last five fiscal years, 102 of North Beach Citizens’ clients have obtained housing, staved off eviction, or returned home to housing, saving the City and County of San Francisco approximately $4,590,000.

San Francisco spends substantial taxpayer resources on providing services to our homeless

population; the cost of some of these services is estimated as follows:

$4500: A six-hour visit to an emergency room in San Francisco.

$970: Cost of a medic and ambulance call on the street.

$437: Cost of a jail stay at SFPD, 850 Bryant Street.

$61,000: Estimated minimum annual cost of care for one chronically homeless person utilizing emergency or psychiatric services and/or police and incarceration services.

(Source: The SF Plan to Abolish Chronic Homelessness)

Where you fit in:

Whether you are a North Beach resident or merchant, a concerned San Franciscan, or an admirer from afar, your donations of money, food, clothing, household appliances, and time allow North Beach Citizens to work toward changing the face of North Beach, one citizen at a time.