Emergency Interim Housing (One week to one month in duration) – Emergency Interim Housing in a Single Room Occupancy Hotel (SROs) is for clients who are experiencing an emergency hardship.  Reserved for a client who experiences an emergency medical situation (pre-operation or post-operation) or for a client who requires emergency bridge housing from one permanent residence to another.

Transitional Housing (One month or more) – We are able to end homelessness for our clients by keeping them off the streets while they are in the process of securing housing and income benefits. This is transitional housing in a Single Room Occupancy Hotel (SROs) for clients who have a definitive housing opportunity and an income source within a foreseeable timeframe.

  • Nearly 68% of our clients will qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits due to their disabilities, however, nearly 70% of initial claims are denied.  The entire appeal process can stretch out for more than two years and perhaps as long as three years.  Our Transitional Housing Program ensures that these disabled individuals do not have to live on the streets while awaiting benefits that they are entitled.

Eviction Prevention (One time) – The reality is that each one of us experiences hardships at times and many of us are just one check away from experiencing true homelessness.  Preventing homelessness in the first place is the easiest way to reduce homelessness in the long run. With that in mind, we prevent evictions by providing one-time grants for rental arrears. Our clients or members of our community must demonstrate that they will be able to pay their rent going forward to receive this one-time help. This ensures that our assistance will solve the problem, rather than just postpone inevitable homelessness for a few months.

Move-In Fund – Imagine you’ve just secured a housing opportunity for the first time, but are prevented from moving in because you cannot afford the first month’s rent and security deposit.  Our move-in fund can make the difference between someone accepting a housing opportunity or remaining on the streets.  With this fund, we provide critical items such as the first month’s rent and the security deposit.