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CORE Program

Community     Opportunity     Reintegration     Empowerment

The primary component of our CORE Program is to help our clients identify and access their strengths and resources both within themselves and within our community.  This starts with a desire for change, a connection and an inherent sense of trust.  Once an individual demonstrates a commitment to our program and a mutually-agreed upon plan, he or she is invited to utilize the services of our resource center, located at 1034 Kearny Street in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.  Clients tell us their stories and share their unique and very specific circumstances.  We then specialize in tailoring a very different path for each of our very different clients depending on their individual journey towards self-sufficiency.  In the beginning, critical needs are addressed such as immediate health concerns or basic human needs. Our clients each have access to a mailing address, hygiene products, phones and computers.

We strive to help each client reach individualized benchmarks that are achievable for him or her on the journey towards stability. Depending on the individual, clients can receive assistance with benefits they are entitled, help from medical and financial organizations, access to stabilization housing when appropriate; and assistance with transportation to and from appointments. Clients are always treated in an atmosphere that promotes trust, guarantees integrity, and ensures respect. We believe that these three values lay the groundwork for all future progress.