In collaboration with the San Francisco Food Bank, our Community Food Pantry was established in October 2010. This partnership developed because both organizations were interested in opening a food pantry in North Beach to address the needs of formerly homeless, low-income, senior, and disabled residents living in single room occupancies (SROs). The goals of the Community Food Pantry are to stave off eviction for individuals by decreasing the amount of money needed for food and increasing the amount of money available for rent.

Through the pantry, individuals can easily access fresh fruits, non-perishable items and many products that do not require cooking facilities. The SRO menu is tailored specifically to the unique needs of this population of individuals who often do not have access to cooking facilities and includes a diversity of fresh produce and grocery items. With the weekly support of North Beach Citizens, pantry participants are less likely to face the difficult decision between purchasing food and paying rent, thus decreasing the probability of becoming homeless.

To access our services, individuals living in the participating SRO’s must bring a recent rental receipt and a valid form of identification. All participants must fill out a short introduction survey and are given a food pantry identification card to access our services on a weekly basis. Due to limited space, we are unable to accept clients who are not living in participating SRO's.

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The participating SROs include:

  • Balmoral Hotel #2
  • Balmoral Hotel #3
  • Casa Melissa
  • Castro Hotel
  • Columbus Hotel
  • Entella Hotel
  • Europa Hotel
  • Golden Eagle Hotel
  • Hunan Hotel
  • Il Triangolo Hotel
  • Marconi Hotel
  • North Beach Hotel
  • Tower Hotel
  • Swiss American Hotel

Community Food Pantry Hours:

Wednesdays, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Located in Nottingham Alley, and open to all those living in participating single room occupancies (SROs).